Each and every athlete experiences some kind of fear or anxiety on some level. Sports psychology for basketball establishes methods to not only diminish the effect that fear limits a player’s ability, but also utilizes that fear in a positive way to strengthen mental toughness. As a player gains the ability to control fears and anxieties both on and off the court, their mental game of basketball strengthens which reflects on improved physical play as well.

Any fear grows with intensity if left unchecked whether it stems from fear of missing a shot during crunch time, or everyday life fears of what people say or flying in airplanes to games. Sports psychology in basketball is necessary to address any fear that causes undue stress and anxiety, whether it occurs during a game, on the way to the game or simply in day to day living. Anxiety and fear creates a negative mindset of thoughts, and diminishes the player’s overall mental toughness. If any fear limits the lifestyle and performance of the player, then it is imperative to create a plan of facing and treating the fear, and ultimately diminishing its power over the mental focus. Sometimes, this requires an outsider to provide an unbiased but knowledgeable approach.

Mental Game Coaches assists players to face their fears and deal with anxiety on many levels. It is critical to constantly address fears as those ignored become grander in magnitude. An old Japanese proverb states “Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.” Any fear, no matter how small, maintains a potential to overcome and create a mind numbing negativity that limits an athlete’s life as well as their game day performance. Basketball psychology creates manageable methods to diminish any fear, and improve focus on the court as well as life outside the gym.

Acknowledgement is the first step to analyzing and eliminating life limiting fears and anxieties. Utilizing a professional in sports psychology for basketball is often beneficial if its a long term fear or chronic anxiety. Attending to the mental toughness of the player is just as crucial as the physical conditioning and strength of the player. A winning player brings a solid mental game of basketball as well as the actual basketball skills. It is now a commonplace for successful players to retain both a mental game coach as well as a basketball coach.

The game of basketball has evolved to include many facets to a winning season and team. As the physicality of athletes continue to improve, so has the demands for their basketball mental toughness. The pressures on athletes have also increased over time so that the players of today’s game must withstand many outside influences that have nothing to do with the basketball. When a player is unable to maintain a positive thought process before, during and after the game, it is important to address whatever fear or anxiety may limit their ability.

Menninger stated, “Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out.” This is entirely true, and according to sports psychology in basketball, it is now a component of every great player’s attainment of a strong mental game.

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